Island Life...

The island life during a pandemic is TOTALLY  doable.  We are the lucky ones living in the Caribbean.  This horrid virus has not spread in our islands like they predicted at this time.  During non homeschooling days we can go to the beach, go snorkeling or go boating.  We like to say " New Day, New Bay"   Exploring each cove in St. John has been amazing.  Learning how to snare a lobster has been unbelievable.  Well enough about this....

The Governor believes we will open our islands in the beginning of June, and My staff is ready for you!

We are going above and beyond what is required!

Please visit our website and specifics will be listed.  Please be safe and healthy!!
Good Morning out There!

All I can say is that we have WHALES!!!!!  We are spotting them daily on our trips to the British Islands and our trips to St. John.  These creatures are amazing and beautiful.  Come out and JOIN!
340-775-1171  Call anytime!

Island Life #1

New Horizons & Breakaway Charters is rebuilding and adding on tour our fleet.  Breakaway II will be launched soon and we have so many charters we will be offering.  We will update you soon.  The building of the New Catamaran for Jimmy Buffets' Margaritaville is close to be completed.  So far it is the most beautiful vessel ever built!

We have had so many requests to bring back our dinner cruise, and we are going to do just That.  Please keep in touch and let us know if we can help with your vacation planning.

The Snorkel St. John cruise will be picking up guests in Cruz Bay starting in November.  So much going on.....
Thank you all so much for the Love and Support!!!
New Horizons & Breakaway Charters